Our Services

From small businesses to large corporations, a company is only as good as the people who make it up. Hiring decisions are thus critically important, yet many businesses continue to make these decisions without the vital facts necessary to make a fully informed, correct judgment about each candidate.

What We Do

TSG is like having your own in-house screening specialists. We make it easy to protect your firm through pre-employment screening background checks. We specialize in background screenings with fast, accurate and cost-effective employment pre-screening.

The Screening Group

TSG provides detailed background checks and screening services that enable businesses to hire with confidence. Using our extensive database and national network of over 2,500 investigators, we’re able to provide the highest-caliber services to businesses of every size.

We are a leader in providing Background Checks to our Corporate Clientele. Our proven techniques in conducting Background Checks, will streamline both the ordering and monitoring processes of your Reports. In today's Litigious environment, a Background Check can be the difference between hiring a quality Employee, or taking on needless risk. With our new Background Check processing technology, your Reports can be monitored, stored and re-printed at anytime. Concerned about the cost? Stop worrying. We've integrated our Background Check system, to allow our new technology to streamline your orders. Why? To save you money. By spending less time on your Background Checks, and allowing our Technology to carry the load, we can reduce your prices.....and keep it simple! Call us today for your price competitive and technology enhanced Background Checks